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Connoisseurs Collection Oven Baked Christmas Shortbread Biscuits

Christmas Diamond Packs with cello window
120g and 60g

Chocolate Espresso

Honey Pecan


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Traditional European-style biscuits 120 gm

Speculaas Cookies

Bishops Hats Cookies

Vanilla Crescents

Hazelnut Crunchies

Harlequin Cookies

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Traditional European-style Speculaas Cookies 120 gm

Traditional Dutch Cinnamon Cookies with Almonds.

These aromatic, spicy cookies have long been associated with the celebration of the birthday of Saint Nicholas or "Sinterklaas", when these tempting treats are enjoyed.
But you need not wait till December to indulge.

Make every day a celebration and treat yourself with Speculaas Cinnamon Cookies at any time.

Made by hand in the traditional Dutch way.